Thursday, December 01, 2016

At what point do you say my heart is worth more than this? At what point to you give up? At what point do you let go and walk away? When is okay to stand up for your heart? When is it okay to stop chasing?

I liked you. 

I liked you a lot. 

I liked the possibility of us. 

I liked the butterflies. 

I liked your arms. 

Now my heart hurts over the loss of the possibility. 

I'm lonely now. 

The butterflies have left. 

Do I hold on?

Do I mourn the loss? 

Do I give up?

I know I should let you go. You're not mine. You never were. So why do I want to go back to your bed. Beg you to stay. Beg you to pay attention to me. Why is it your arms I long to  be in? Your lips I want to kiss. 

I know I should walk away. This will only end in my heart break. I've worked too hard to keep my heart safe for me to put it on my sleeve now. So why do I keep reaching out to you? You're not healthy and I've been fighting to stay healthy, so why do I keep running to you?

You're like a drug I can't quit. 

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