Tuesday, July 12, 2016

For the Tough Girls

Dear Boy, 

You want a tough girl. You want a strong girl. She will make your life so much richer. I know she can seem scary and she acts like she doesn't need you. She doesn't need a man to help her build shelves or change the oil in her car. She knows the basics of car maintenance, and how to fix almost anything that breaks. She can pay her own bills and fight her own battles. She doesn't need you change air filters or a flat tire. She can take care of herself. 

But she wants you. She wants your love and your heart. She doesn't need you to save the day, she wants you to help her save the day. She's going to want you on lonely nights and she's going to want you on her adventures. She doesn't need you to change her, she wants you for the journey. She tough as nails and needs you to remind her she can be soft. She's going to need you to remind her she doesn't have to be tough all the time. 

She's going to grow to need you, give her time. She can't always fight battles alone. Sometimes, she will need you to have her back. She's used to going this journey alone and she's going to need time to get used to having someone there. She'll grow to need you on her side. She'll learn how two are better than one if you give her a chance. She's going to challenge you, and make you better. 

She'll wake you up in the middle of the night to see the stars and midnight trips to the beach. She'll be the perfect ally in this world. She'll be loyal to the end if you treat her well. Give her flowers. She'll act like doesn't want flowers but she does. No one has given them to her. She'll dream big and let you be a part of those dreams. She'll be wild and free and bring you along. 

She'll need you be tough to let her have a chance to be soft. She'll learn to soften and let people in.  She'll let you take the lead. She just needs to know you're in this just as much as she is. She has to learn to trust you. 

Trusting you is what it will come down too. Are you going to man up or are you going to run away? Tough girls need a man. A man who will presue her, and be trustworthy. You can't fake it because she will see through you. She needs a man who won't control her or try to change her. She needs a man who will let her grow into a strong woman. Tough girls grow to be strong unshakeable women. She'll be a wildflower, rare and beautiful.

She'll let you in, and bring you on her adventures. She will. Give her space. Give her time. Be patient. Love her and let her grow. 

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