Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just Dance, Just Sing, Just Worship

There are somethings in life you just need to dance through. You have to find that faint beat in the mist of the overwhelming pain and move your feet and hips in time. Something powerful happens when you dance in worship and the power doesn’t lessen when you are dancing through pain. I’ve found that the pain lessens with the dancing. It doesn’t matter what I am feeling when I start dancing but dancing helps me let go and find healing and strength. 

I once read a story about demons running when a dancer started dancing in worship. The people were having a hard time getting into the worship - even the worship band was having a hard time, but when she starting moving the place went into a new realm of worship. Someone later said they saw demons sitting on the wall watching but when the dancer stood up the started shaking and when she started dancing they fled. There’s something powerful in letting go and getting lost in dancing in worship to the one true King. Dancing in worship makes the demons flee.

There was a time when I was in terrible back pain and was having back spasms. My roommates at the time had to help me get in and out of the car and up and down the stairs. I went for prayer but it didn’t help for long. Finally I went to the local healing rooms, because the pain was so unbearable. I felt a little better but the pain was still there, then one of the people praying for me said, “back pain isn’t apart of your identity!” I realized I had to make a choice - I could chose to dance in pain or let the pain keep me from doing what I love and feel called to do. I chose to dance through the pain. The more and more I danced the less and less the pain was. I am a dancer at the very core of my being! I was made to hear the faint beat and move in worship. Since then I have danced through heart break, grief, mistakes, and joy. My heart was born in the deep wells of worship and spills out of my very being. So I dance, in the good and the bad. 

I was sharing this idea of dancing with a dear friend of mine and he told me that is why he just sings sometimes. That he will just sit at his keyboard, play and sing. There are times in his life that he has to sing through. So maybe dancing isn’t what you need to do, perhaps, like my friend, it’s singing or maybe it’s painting, it could be writing or cooking, my point is there is something you can do that is worship and sometimes when we hit rock bottom, not knowing if we can pick ourselves up, that we worship. When we find ourselves down we worship. We worship our heavenly Father and not look at what is going on around us. We each have our own way of worshiping and sometimes you have to worship through the pain. 

So perhaps the challenge is this, do you trust God enough to worship Him in the lowest of moments? Do you believe that, despite what is going on around you, you can change the atmosphere with the way you worship? Are you willing to show the devil up and worship your Father in those secret times when you feel all is lost? 

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