Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm Better Off With Out You

I hope you think of me at Red Robin, Sundays, and in Nashville. I hope there are moments when you still want to pick up the phone and call. I hope there are times when you miss me still. I have those times. I hope you never forget the good times we shared. 

I hope you go days and don't think of me. I hope there are moments marked with happiness and joy. I hope don't miss me often. I hope you are chasing those dreams we shared so long ago. I hope you do well and wish you well in all you do. I hope you have made peace with our past. 

I hope you have learned how to let go and be yourself. I hope you are dreaming your own dreams. I hope you have learn how to stand on your own. I hope you have found something to be passionate about. I hope you storm the gates of hell doing what you love. 

I hope you no are no longer stuck in anyone else's shadow. I hope you are no longer paying for someone else's mistakes. I hope there is a fire in your soul pushing you to be the best you can. I hope you are so set on fire for God that there is nothing that can put it out. 

I hope you have friends that with stick with you no matter what. I hope you have peace. I hope you have more grace than you know what do with. 

I wish you well. I wish you the best. I wish we ended better. I wish our chapter didn't leave such a bitter taste. I wish forgiving you didn't take me as long as it did. I wish it was less like a divorce and more letting go. I wished we went out with a bang and not the explosion that left our friends picking sides and broken and bruised by the aftershock. 

I wish I could have loved your better in my brokenness. I wish I could have been the person you needed. I wish we could have survived it and came out as friends. 

I wish. I wish. I wish. 

I forgive. I ask for forgiveness. I've learned not to hold into those wishes and looking back. We could have been great, but we'll be greater apart. I dream bigger without you. I'm a better person without you. I've learned to heal and more about God than I could have ever with you and I'm okay with that. I'm okay without you.  

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