Saturday, September 08, 2012

Week One/I Have A Home!!!

So wow.... this was the first week of school... wow. We (my fellow classmates and I) had our faces rocked off my God. We started the week with worship - amazing! I love worship and just getting to refocus on God and letting go of whatever is going on. I didn't look for a house this week - I returned on email but other than that I made no calls and sent no emails what so ever. Last Sunday I felt like I needed to hand it over to God and that's what I did. After spending all last week beating myself bloody I let it go.

On Labor Day my other housemates turned looking for a house into a treasure hunt, they wrote down what they felt the Lord telling them about the house and set off to look for it that way, while I finished my homework for school. After getting no phone calls or emails last week, we were amazed when we got a bunch back. One person said they thought the two bedroom town house would be too small or 4 girls but when one of the house mates asked him to let us look at it anyway he said he would and set up an appointment to see it before the open house he set up.

We got there in time to look at and pray over the property before he got there and I brought Layla along since she is a good judge of things. I know if she doesn't want to go a certain way, we shouldn't be going down that path. Anyway we fell in love with the bright blue house with the huge fenced in yard. Layla approved and we prayed for God's will in this matter.

When the landlord got there we looked at the first town home, it wasn't ready and we talked with him about the price of each townhouse and the deposit (both WAY cheaper than anything else we had looked at), and asked about pet fees... and he said that there are NONE. In the less than petfriendly town he is charging us NOTHING EXTRA for the pets. Oh, and NO APP FEES either, everyone else was telling us between $20-$40 person for the app alone and that adds up fast, as in one place it would have cost us $120 in app fees, and then pet fees (two of us have dogs btw) and then the deposit, and first month's rent.

We then headed over to the second one and it was ready to rent, but he said that it would be next week before we could move in if everything went according to plan. Bummer for the two of us who's host homes are ready for us to leave. He told us he would email out the apps and then to give them back to him the following day.

Well, when Thursday rolled around, one of the housemates found out she needed move Friday because she couldn't stay at her host home any longer. So she called the landlord and ask if there was a way to speed it up and for us to move in on Friday, well, he told her that the soonest would be Saturday since he needs 24 hours to process the apps. So we got them to him Thursday after school and after praying over them... a lot.

So today is a day off from school (it's Sunday - Thursday for those who wonder) and the housemate who has a dog and I met at a park for a doggie play date this afternoon. I had a job interview this AM... pray for that please. So the pups had fun and then we prayed before we left. So a couple of hours after I got back to my host home I got a text saying that WE GOT THE HOUSE AND CAN MOVE IN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We met him tomorrow at 11 AM (2 PM for my East Coast Family) and give him the money and sign the lease and get the keys! God is so good and so on time!

So I'm going to be without in the interwebs for a while, since we still need to set that up BUT I'll try to update at some point during the next week. Y'all be good!!!

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