Tuesday, September 04, 2012

School Starts in the morning!!!

First day of school jitters, and I'm still without a home. I had hoped to be settled in somewhere by this time but we're still looking for a house. I have about a week left here and I'm trying not to worry about it, but it still nags in the back of my mind from time to time. As a group we've looked under every rock possible and it's up to the Lord now. I'm trying to rest in the fact that He has it all under control and He will provide in His timing.

This weekend was UH-MAZING! I'll break it down in the way that I do best!

Lena and Rose Mary got to town!!!! We had a roomie dinner at a pizza place and talked. Rose Mary's little bro and sister joined us and it was great, good friends, good pizza, and good convo. After dinner we part and I came back to my host home, and watch a movie while hanging out with Ben and Jessica, and then went to bed.

 I woke up about 9ish and rolled out of bed about 10. Lena came over and we got to know each other better before going to registration for school. Which was the normal payments (or setting up a payment plan), paper work (the school can film me, and I won't sue if they use it... or if I die), getting free stuff (new water bottle!), and meeting new friends! As a group, we later went to this thing call Arts Live or something or other. It was fun - saw some drag queens, and met someone who sits with her typewriter and writes poetry for people. Super cool, you tell her what you want the poem about and she writes it for whatever you can afford. After we left, I just came back to my host home and hung out with Ben and Jessica until about 2 AM.

Got up and met Lena, we had church at the park as a welcome for new students. Worship was awesome and food was great! There was good convos, and meeting new friends. After church myself and some people came back to the host home and hung out some more. We had a great time praying and then headed off to another student's apartment and had more prayer and worship. Afterwards we went to Winco so Rose Mary's little brother could buy food, it was his first time grocery shopping. Parted ways at my house and then I went to bed.

I'm excited about tomorrow and still need to finish my homework... so good-night!!

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