Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wow, it's hard to belive that I've been in California for three days already. My roomies and I are still looking for a place to live but we are getting closer. The trip getting here was eventful and full of amazing God moments. I'll break it down by day to make it easier to process.

Day one of driving (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas):

It was pretty uneventful, but I had a lot of thoughts while driving the 14+ hours:

* You can take the girl out of Georgia but you can't take the Georgia out of the girl.
* I was feeling homesick but that was okay because that meant I had people that I loved and that I would miss.
* I was starting a huge leap of faith.
* God's beauty is all around
* You meet all sorts of people at gas stations

I got to a friends house about 10:30 CST and we stayed up late talking and getting to know each other.

Day two of driving (Kansas, Colorado):

I woke up early thanks to my dog, and got to know the family I was staying with a little better. They made me an awesome breakfast of pancakes and eggs. I had a wonderful time praying for them and got some homemade applesauce and dill pickles to take with me.

Thoughts from the road:

* I was sad to be leaving my new friends.
* My step of faith was easier when I looked around at what others were doing. (There's a lot more to that thought)
* The mountains are my favorite.
* No cell service sucks.
* I am very spoiled to freak out when I don't have cell service.
* When lost talk to people in the diner off Main Street.

I stayed at a fun hotel that night in what I was first told was the bad part of town, only to later be told that the bad part of town is a few miles down the street. I was blessed to talk to Jenni and share how much influence she had on my life, when she was my 5th grade teacher, and my plans for the future as well as, tell her about what happened to Noah. It was a short visit but it was blessed. Jenni and her husband Craig both prayed over me before they left. I tried to sleep that night but I didn't get much.

Day three of driving (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah):

I got to see the sunrise over the mountains. I was sad to leave Colorado after finding an amazing cup of coffee. I found Buford, Wyoming, and met some people there who had ran out of gas. I left my cleanser in Georgia and asked Candice if she would track down some for me at my next stop in Salt Lake City and it ended up being something only God could have worked out. I left my face cleanser in Georgia and had a friend call around to see if I could buy some at cost from someone and I met this amazing girl.... it blew me away how God worked it out. I got to pray with her. I didn't get much sleep that night either but it was good night over all.

Day four of driving (Utah, Nevada)

I met some fun people that morning who all fell in love with Layla, but really who couldn't fall in love with that cute pooch of mine! It was a long day of driving, nothing eventful really happened. I drove to Reno and checked into the nicest hotels of the trip. I splurged and got room service that night and had a nice chat with the delivery guy. I went to bed early and slept late.

Day five of driving (Nevada, California)

I got a late start on my day, I left about noon and drove and drove... I got to drive up the coast to my final stop in Fortuna! Nothing eventful happened on this leg, but I got to see the West Coast!!!! I got my final stop about 8:30 and got to meet the people I'm staying with until I find a home.

I got to spend a lot of time with God and just marveling in the amazingness of His creation! I had so much fun on the trip and I would love to do it again and take my time - maybe take two weeks to do it so I can see more. I can't wait to see what God will do this year!

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