Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Importance Of Truth.

I was reminded today about how easily one's feeling can be hurt, even if they believe they have a thick skin. I also was reminded how fragile one's reputation is and how it doesn't take much to destroy it. Two very important things that I learned in high school and now I seem to be taking a quick refresher course in the real world. I've also have witnessed first hand the power of a lie.

A co-worker went to the boss and told a lie about how her fellow employee did nothing and was lazy. The boss believe the lie and the employee was then singled out and treated badly. The employee had asked for earlier hours so the boss chose to give her later hours. When the employee told the boss she couldn't work later hours the boss told the employee they had to work them or the boss would be forced to find someone to fill the job. The employee had been doing their best and working their hardest to get the early hours. The employee had been doing what the boss had asked of them and the employee was still told that they weren't doing a good enough job. Only by now things have gotten to the point where the employee was still in danger of losing their job.

See, I'm that employee. I'm not worried about it though even though it suck and it hurts because I know I'm not walking through this alone. I know that I have done nothing wrong and I'm not ashamed of anything I have done. Yes, these are hard lessons that I am relearning but I know in the end I'll come out of it okay.

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