Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Open Letter.

I don't know who changed more this year me or you. I think we've both grown up this year but in different ways. I've had to realize that nothing is handed to anyone and had to get a job and you well, did you ever really think of me between parties and girl's nights with your sisters? Don't say I didn't try because I did and I realized sure enough that you had no time for me in your now busy life. I truly believe that you have no idea who you are because if you did you wouldn't feel like you have to be a different person at home than at school. I do believe that you are trying to figure out who you are but that you are looking in all the wrong places. I don't like feeling like you want to change all my plans when you come home because like you I do have a life and things going on. I like how you talked about how hurt you where when you thought I was getting married but you never once tried to make sure we talked more or kept up with how I was doing. I hated how when I would call you we would talk for under a minute and you would be like "I gotta go kid!" and then send my a half assed IM about how you really wanted to talk... but never called me back. I was there for you this whole year but I guess you never stopped to notice and now when you're home and you have no one to hang out with I'm noticed again... like that lost sock in the dryer. You know how I am and that I don't put up with that crap and I haven't in a long time and I'm going to start now. When I realized that you where far too busy to hang out with me, I moved on. Do I think we will ever be as close as we where? No, I don't. Like you said we have to learn how to roll with the punches.

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