Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm reading Searching for God Knows What...

And In it I read this and it really hit home to me... mostly because I'm with kids for most of my day.

"It makes you think that as a parent the most important thing you can do is love your kids, hold them and tell them you love them because, until we get to heaven, all we can do is hold our palms over the wounds. I mean, if a kid doesn't feel he is loved, he is going to go looking for it in all kinds of ways. He is going to want to feel powerful or important or tough, and she is going to want to feel beautiful and wanted and needed. Give a kid the feeling of being loved early and the will be better at negotiating that other stuff when they get older."

Donald Miller is talking about the "Lifeboat Theory" and how we all try to show why we are important and why we shouldn't be thrown off the lifeboat to save everybody. In it he talks about school and how everyone ranked based on money, family, coolness and such and how everyone trys to be at the top. In reading it I've noticed how we all do that... and how petty most conversations are. We are all looking for worth and love in all the wrong places when we really need to be looking for our value in God.

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