Sunday, February 24, 2008

When God closes a door... If It Rains it Pours... It it Wasn't This it Would be Something Else...

There are so many different cliches to describe where I have been the past few months. Sometimes it's frustrating because even though they describe what I am going through at the same time they don't. No one knows, and people keep telling me it's how I deal with the challenges that keep coming my way. I'll be honest lately I just want to curl up in my bed and pray that I wake up from this nightmare that I feel I have been living. I'm sure if you were in my shoes you would want to do the same.

Despite everything that has been thrown my way lately I feel a break through heading my way. I feel like things are starting to turn around. I am hopeful for the future and I have no regrets over the past few months. I am were God wants me to be even though it's not were I thought I was be a year ago. Funny how He works things sometimes.

Oh, and can't really be summed up in a handful of cliches.

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