Monday, January 28, 2008

List for 2008

I finished my list for 2008 on my ticket book (better yet it was on a ticket…) at work on Saturday. So here it is, and it may change. Life is good at throwing curves my way.

  1. Sky dive
  2. Road trip alone
  3. Start and finish a Bible study.
  4. Learn to drive a stick shift
  5. Laugh and love more
  6. See the mountains in the fall.
  7. Become a full time student.
  8. Pray more.
  9. Forgive more
  10. Go out dancing.
  11. Learn how to let go.
  12. Be a better listener
  13. Learn to be less controlling.

There are some tough things on my list and some that aren't so hard it’ll be fun to see what I get done in the year and what will be on the list again for 2009.

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