Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dear People at the table that left me a $2.03 tip...

It's not cute nor funny to make your waitress run playing the I need this and I need that game. Nor it is cute or funny to be rude because there's 10 people in your party and it's taking longer to get your food out. Also your kids food fight not so cute and by not so cute I mean I wanted them dead. Also leaving a $2.03 tip should get you shot. I admit I wasn't the best waitress last night but we were packed. I did, however make sure that you where well taken care of - re-fills and whatever else you needed you got in a timely manner. In fact I can't even think of a reason why you gave me such a crappy tip on a $50 tab. That's not even 5%. This is how I make my living and make sure my bills get paid. You suck at life... no really you do. If you happen to come in again don't worry I won't be your waitress but everyone knows about you. Waitresses like to talk and they remember faces of two different groups... the ones that tip well and the ones that don't. And we talk about both groups of people. God bless the next waitress that gets you.

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