Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Top Ten Reason Why I Love My Car

10. No need to fear that anyone in their right mind would steal my car.

9. Suddenly a car with working A/C is a big deal.

8. Drag racing is a joke...

7. Going more than 75 MPH is a dream.

6. Someone tailgating is no longer a big deal... it's cause for the thought "please hit me... I could use a better car..."

5. The only thing that could kill my car at this point is a Mack truck...

4. I am no longer bothered by the old lady and fast food smell of my car. In fact I find it homey.

3. Being seen in an "uncool car" is no longer a big deal.

2. My prayer life is so much better now... "Please God... I just want to make it there and back." "Thank you, Jesus I made it home safe!"

1. If by some chance I am with out a house I could easily live in my car. The backseat is about the size of a couch and the trunk could be turned into a walk in closet.


Ashley said...

Nice....just Nice.

Melinda Danielle said...

yep... thats my car too!!