Sunday, November 13, 2005

I am bored out of my mind....

Have you ever...

01. Fallen for your best friend? Yes... and it ended badly.
02. Made out with JUST a friend? Yea.
03. Been rejected? Who hasn't?
04. Been in love? No.
05. Been in lust? Who hasn't?
06. Used someone? No.
07. Been used? Yes.
08. Cheated on someone? Yes.
10. Been kissed? Yes.
11. Done something you regret? Not really... everything I have done has shaped me into who I am today.

Who was the last person...

12. You touched? Myself... but I was playing with my hair...
13. You talked to? Some lady at church.
14. You hugged? Merlin.
15. You instant messaged? Jesse.
16. You called? My mom.
17. You yelled at? My step- dad.
18. You laughed at? Stupid extra crispy.
19. You had a crush on? Will.
20. Broke your heart? I don't feel like going there...

Do You?

22. Color your hair? Yes.
25. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Both! Haha... no I'm about as single as they come.
26. Floss daily? Nope.
27. Own a webcam? Nope.
28. Ever get off the damn computer? Sometimes.
29. Sprechen sie Deutsche? Nope but Ashley does!
30. Habla Espanola? Very little.

General Questions

40. Considered a life of crime? At one time yes, yes I did.
41. Considered being a hooker? Nope.
42. Considered being a pimp? Nope.
43. Are you psycho? There are time I think I am.
45. Schizophrenic? Nope.
46. Obsessive? Sometimes... I tend to comment to things with all my heart and I don't know when to let go or give up.
47. Obsessive compulsive? Sometimes.
48. Panic? Sometimes.
49. Anxiety? Only when I really let things get to me.
50. Depressed? Not in a while.
51. Suicidal? Nope.
52. Obsessed with Hate? No.
53. Dream of mutilated bodies? I have had dreams like that but I haven't had one like that in the past few years.
54. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? Yes.

Random Stuff...

55. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Young Life Camp.
58. What are you listening to? iTunes Party Shuffle.
59. Can you do anything freakish with your body? I can bend my pinky all the way back...
60. Chicken or fish? Chicken, fish is gross.
61. Do you have a favorite animal, no matter how lame it may be? Cats and penguins.


62. Current Clothes: My "Jon Hoodie" and jeans and as Nick would say my "Rainbow Brite" shoes.
63. Current Mood: Bored.
64. Current Taste: Chocolate Peanutbutter
65. Current Hair: Bed head.
66. Current Annoyance: A person
67.. Current Smell: My nose is stuffy.
68. Current thing I ought to be doing: Nothing...
69. Current Desktop Picture: A painting my Brain Hart.
70. Current Favorite Group: Group? As in music group?
71. Current Book: Blue Like Jazz
72. Current DVD In Player: Nothing.
73. Current Refreshment: Nadda
74. Current Worry: College...


76. Food: Anything chocolate peanutbutter...
77. Drink: Water.
78. Color: Black...
79. Shoes: Chucks. :)
80. Candy: Anything chocolate peanutbutter.
81. Animal: Cats.
82. Movie: This week it is The Breakfast Club.
83. Dance: I hate dance...
84. Vegetable: Celery.


85. What do you want to be when you get older? Me!
86: Married?: Eh... no.
87: Kids?: Eh... no.
88: Living Where? Hang on while I throw a dart at a map. :)

This or That:

89: Gay or straight?: Straight
90: Boxers or Briefs: or
91: Reading or Writing: Reading
92: Basketball or Baseball: Baseball.
93: Walking or Running?: Walking
95: Left or Right?: Right
96: TV Shows or Movies?: Movies.
97: Britney or Christina?: Me!
98: Rap or Rock?: Rock
99: Day or Night?: Night.
100. What people call you?: I don't really have one, other than a few inside-joke kind of names.

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