Friday, October 14, 2005

Things not to say when you get pulled over....

"I drank a 5th of Vodka dare me to drive?"


"I'm so glad I dumped that body a mile back..."

"I swear there is nothing illegal in my trunk."

"Dude I am so high right now"

"Man, I almost spilled beer pulling over"

"I don't know how that pound of weed got in my trunk... Honest!"

"Is this about that coke I keep under my seat?"

"You're kinda cute... wanna come back to my place?"

"Man, those shots really start to add up after a while..."

After being pulled over more times than I can count I thought I would share the things I've learned. Remember to keep your hands on the steering wheel and let the officer know that you need to dig to find your ID before doing so.

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