Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sex is love?

I had an upsetting conversation with a friend last night about sex and love. In her world the only difference between her guy friends and boyfriend is sex. I couldn't understand it and I still don't. I feel she is selling herself short but it's not really my place to say that to her. We had a long talk about sex and love and in her mind sex = love while in my mind sex is a way to express love in the bonds of marriage. She asked me why I am waiting when I don't think prince charming is ever going to come and sweep me off my feet but she didn't want me to play the "God card." I told her I'm not ready to be a mother, I don't want to have to live with some disease the rest of my life, and I don't want the heart break I've seen so many of my friends go through. Then she asked me if I wasn't a Christian would I have made the some choice. I hate when people start a question with "If you weren't" or "If you didn't" because I am or I did and there's no changing that fact. I also hate when people don't say things out right when they've been asked a question so when I answered her I told her that there was no point in asking me what ifs because I am who I am and all the choices I make are what shape me. I don't buy this lie that the world seems to throw at me every chance it gets that sex is love. Love is very complex and it can't be broken down into a simple equation. That would be like saying that x always equals 5 without looking at the whole problem. I refuse to let myself get swept up in how the world works or looks at things. She told me that everyone is doing it and that it's a part of being in college. I told her not everyone is doing it because I am not. Sex was a part of high school life and it comes as no shock that it is also a part of college life but just like in high school I'm going to stick to my beliefs. The whole talk I had with my friend left a bitter taste in my mouth because I know how many people are buying this lie and jumping in head first.

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