Monday, October 24, 2005

Did you know?

You could live with someone 16 years almost 17 and see them almost every day and they could not know a thing know a thing about you? Better yet the information that they have is so out-dated you want to scream. Like the fact you liked Hanson in the 5th grade and that's the last band they remember you liking... but you know they love Abba and Elton John and own everything by them. Or that they take their coffee with two sugars and one French vanilla creamer but they don't know how you take yours or even that you like Irish Cream. Sad when you really think about it.

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Ashley said...

don't stress over this. you'll get through this.....i understand what you're going through. i went through the same thing once....or twice....ok...three times. just think about this weekend! that should make you very very happy!!!