Saturday, March 18, 2006

Moments when you go "I'm dumb!"

So I've finally moved my computer to my room. Which means that I had to unhook everything and then set it all back up again. Well, I get it all set up and pretty and I go to play the new song I bought off of that wonderful thing called iTunes and the speakers won't work. So I unhook them and make sure everything in it the right place and I still can get any sound to come through... I'm bummed thinking I had ruin them so I'm bouncing around Myspace and suddenly this song starts playing... freaked the crap out of me but hey the speakers are working now! Well, I go back to my iTunes and it still doesn't work... now I'm confused... sound works for Myspace and not for iTunes... odd. Well I it turns out I had the sound turned off on iTunes... I'm dumb.

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Ashley said...

you already told me about this....why do i need to read it again? oh and....jon's online.