Sunday, December 25, 2005

Some days you just need to list the things you like.

I like faded old blue jeans, and tattoos and piercings. I like dancing in the rain with no shoes and long late night talks. I like watching the sunrise and then falling asleep thinking about how wonderful it is. I like boys and my new hair and my best friends. I like sleeping late and taking things slow. I like being real and music. I like stormy weather and new clothes, and shoe shopping. I like being understood and how sometimes a song can change my worse day into the most amazing day ever. I like prayer and church and God. I like living and making my own rules and cats and my mom. I like Aerosmith and Jon Black and my car. I like the smell of a new CD and the smell of new books and even that musty smell books get after a while. I like sharpies and bubble wrap and cuddling up in my grandpa's quilt. I like old hymns and stained glass windows and old grave yards. I like reading and driving with no where to go. I like being by myself and reading my bible. I like Levi's and snow and my blue jean jacket. I like being cold and my nose ring and my eyes. I like seeing old friends and making new ones. I like the Mocha Club and Nashvegas and road trips. I like my sunglasses and Waffle House and pizza and heels.... these are a few of my favorite things. :)

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