Monday, November 21, 2005

A life, a death, and a marriage

The past few days I have been thinking a lot about everything that has been happening and how it seems everyone is having to grow up so fast and put away our childish things. People my age... people I know and grew up with are having babies and getting married and dying. I remember when Mike moved here... he was in my 8th grade class and I had a crush on him... I remember losing touch with him as we went into high school and how his older brother thought I was bad news. His parents where my old Young Life leaders and they helped me though a tough time in my life. To be honest I haven't even thought of them in a long while until I heard about Mike. Pam just had a baby and I know people who are planning weddings that I grew up playing house with. I feel as though God is saying "Hey kid, it's time to grow up!" and I get that feeling I did when I was finally moved from the kids table at big family dinners to the "grown-up table". The feeling where I can't goof off anymore... it's time to be an adult and do adult things. I almost typed that out with a straight face because I know in my heart of hearts that isn't really true but at the same time that is how I feel. I was talking to a friend tonight about how we both wished we could be kids again when our biggest problem was that mom used the wrong peanutbutter in our PBJs or that it was raining and we had to stay inside the whole day. Even as I told her this I really didn't mean it because if I was a child again I would have to grow up all over again. I can't fully put into words to know that the day after God brought this wonderful little boy into world that another one was taken out... I'm not sadden or angry or upset I am just amazed.

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Melinda Danielle said...

i think Robert Frost said it best...."nothing Gold can stay" but one day we'll be up in Heaven with Mike having the best time Worshipping God! just may take the rest of us some time to get there...
i love you!