Tuesday, November 29, 2005

25 Q's

1. First thing you did this morning?
Checked my email... same thing I do every morning.

2. Last thing you ate?
Grilled cheese.

3. Is your cell phone a piece of crap?
Nope... I like my cell phone. :)

4. What's the thing you look forward to most in the next 6 months?
My step dad moving out... I know that sounds bad.

5. What's annoying you right now?
My step dad.

6. What's the last movie you saw in a theater?
Harry Potter.

7. Do you believe in long distance relationships?
Yes and no.

8. What's Worse?
a) getting hurt
b) people not being real with you
c) not getting everything you try so hard for


9. Is there someone you miss?

10. What inspires you?

11. If you could put together a concert of 5 bands or artists, who would you choose?
Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Jon Black, Pete Schmidt, and Ryan Horne.

12. Song that sums up your love life?
Beautiful Mistake by Rob Blackledge
13. What's one thing you wish you were better at doing?

14. If you could be anywhere this second, where would it be?

15. What's your most vivid memory from 6th grade?
Wearing bells on my shoes for Christmas and the high schoolers on the bus wanted me dead because I would jingle them during the morning ride to school.

16. Latest addiction?
Hot tea.

17. Have you ever had the slight urge to kill someone?
Who hasn't?

18. How many people would you say were interested in you?
Haha.. none...

19. What do you love doing?
going to shows and hanging out with good friends.

20. Do you think someone thinks about you daily?

21. Who was the last person you saw or talked to?
My mom.

22. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Myself only older. :)

23. What is your favorite food?
Chinese or Mexican

24. How many people do you know with the same name as you?
A handful.

25. What was the last thing you spilled?
Coffee on myself while Ashley was driving....

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